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The AMERICAN Center for disease control has identified smokers at high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19. We know that smoking and vaping causes harm to the lungs, leaving lung tissue inflamed, fragile and susceptible to infection. In addition, tobacco use has been proven to harm the immune system and airway lining cells that contain cilia on their surface, which are our essential defenders against viruses like COVID-19. Without them working properly, our lungs are more vulnerable.

new study from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health showed that small increases in particulate matter exposure are associated with large increases in the COVID-19 death rate. We know that exposure to air pollution  worsen symptoms of lung disease and increase susceptibility to lung infection which now includes new evidence about air pollution & COVID-19.

Smoke Responsibly with 




When it comes to substances, a craving is an experience that involves a strong desire to use substances like drugs, nicotine, or alcohol. Cravings, also sometimes referred to as urges, can feel powerful and intense. People who experience cravings may feel like they have no control and may assume that the only way to make the craving go away is to use the substance.

Unfortunately, using drugs, nicotine, or alcohol may temporarily relieve the craving, but it can create a vicious cycle that leads to more cravings. Cravings are one sign of an addiction problem.

People who are addicted to drugs, nicotine, or alcohol also experience other symptoms, like failed efforts to quit or continued use despite health problems. If you are experiencing cravings, this may be a sign that you have or are developing an addiction problem.

Considering the role of respiratory depression as the most dangerous effect of smoking, vaping, secondhand smoking , and breathing particles of outdoor and indoor pollution, one demands an affordable and daily use of  MAM Sonic Family of Lung Care .

The good news is one CAN & MUST


USE OF Sonic Lung Brush


                             MAM Family of

                             Lung Sonic Care Awards



•Frost & Sullivan: “Excellence in Technology “


•Popular Science: “A Best Innovation of Year”

•MD+DI: “Top 50 Companies to Watch”

•Advanced Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine,  Tech Watch

•Frost & Sullivan “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, Pulmonary Devices”

•WHO Medical Device Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies for Low-Resource Settings

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