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If you want to find out the secrets of the universe, think in terms of

energy, frequency, and vibration - Nikola Tesla       

The cornerstone of our revolutionary concept was that a device producing sound waves at the same frequency used naturally by the lungs to clear mucus would be an effective means of providing supplemental relief to any form of lung protection, treatments, or challenges.

We are here to turn an outdated industry dominated by dinosaurs upside down. Because everybody breathes every day no matter what. Even if you are smoking, vaping, or breathing particles of pollution indoors or outdoors, nobody’s really given us a reason to think twice about it. It’s Lung care … minus the care. As a few former Caltech & NASA engineers and associates with a knack for never settling, we found this lack of innovation unacceptable. 

There were just too many questions without real answers. Questions like 

Why is Lung Care so expensive?

Why do manufacturers still use a 30-year-old pressure technology? 

Why is nothing being done about it?

It was time to put on our detective hats and get to the bottom of things.

Let’s solve these mysteries

So we turned to the pros for help.

MAM  Ambassadors. This army of clinically trained Lung care aficionados is the reason MAM Lung Sonic Care is here — the secret sauce to our yummy Healthy Lung  life goodness.

What do these incredible folks do?

They provide Hassle-free Lung Protection

They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on every product,

They offer Lifetime Warranty to all those who are enrolled in the device’s reeds replacement subscription.

During the easy registration process, you’ll also be able to setup a subscription for your device! 

Ready to protect your lung care goodies? Let’s dive right in!

 Product lifetime guarantee


No risk guarantee. So long as you are subscribed, if your Sonic Lung brush stops working, we’ll send you another for free. Our lifetime Warranty reflects our confidence in the high quality of our design, engineering, production and product performance.

Protect your Lungs For the Love of Life!

We’ve got your back for way of your lungs! Enroll in the subscription plan for your MAM Family of Lung Sonic Care devices and get peace of mind by Keep On Breathing.  As long as you’re enrolled and your device’s predicament falls under warranty protection, we’ll replace it free of charge! Register your product Here



Family of

Lung Sonicare

The original Award-Winning Lung Flute was the only FDA cleared Medical Device that uses most advanced Acoustics Music Sound wave technology to stimulate the body’s natural mucus & toxic clearing system resulting in  Breathing easier.


LF was used for Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Pneumonia, COPD Bronchiectasis, & other congestive conditions.


Since then, we developed Sonic Lungbrush Deep Cleansing System, specifically to improve smokers, vapers, and people living in outdoor & indoor polluted spaces breathe easier.


In addition, we added Lung@Peak device for athletes and fitness gurus to keep lungs at Peak Performance  ZONE.




The Breathin SLB & Lungs@Peak have the same details frequencies as the Award-winning Lung Flute. It has theologically the same mechanism except sound of the music wave frequency generated in L@P & Sonic LungBrush is activated by coughing into the mouthpiece.

They are both used for Deep Breathing Exercises & Deep Cleansing, Whereas, in Lung Flute the sound vibration is generated by blowing into the mouthpiece enabling the reed to flutter.

BREATHIN Family of Lung Sonicare for people of all ages

Smokers of all Types – Vapers – People  Living Outdoor or Indoor Polluted Areas

Athletes – weight loss - Singers – Musicians – Actors – Yoga Practitioners - Voiceover professionals 

Company Overview
The investment in MAM Family of Lung Sonicare Products reflects our continued commitment to operate responsibly to show the top six tobacco companies and polluters that reducing disease and death associated with cigarette smoking & environmental toxins is in the best interest of not only smokers and polluters but society as well.

While the best way for smokers to achieve these risk reductions is to quit, there are many smokers who don’t want to quit using nicotine and tobacco products. We like to offer smokers & Vapers a breakthrough invention called the
“Breathin” Sonic Lungbrush family of products to be used daily as part of a Tobacco harm reduction which is a complementary approach to prevention and cessation that may lead to a greater reduction in smoking and an improvement to overall public health.



A family of Lung Sonic Care technology innovation company closely affiliated with former Caltech & NASA associates, and doctors graduated from Harvard Medical School, the State University of New York Buffalo, VA hospitals, School of Medicine, focused on developing and commercializing Acoustic Music Sound Wave based Medical Diagnostics, therapeutic, Preventive, Health & Wellness consumer products.


• Strong international intellectual property position


• Government Regulatory Clearances

            •US FDA – 510(k) Diagnostic (K 060439) 

            •                    510(k) Therapeutic (K 091557)

            •European Union CE Class 1


            •India, Korea

            •Singapore, Australia, & Philippines 


            •Peoples Republic of China – CFDA approval Completed

            •Mexico No approval required for consumer products - COFEPRIS to be filed for         new company.

• US CMS reimbursement codes issued:

              •HCPCS E0484 – home care Bronchial Hygiene Therapy (BHT) –

                       •Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursed two (2) times per calendar year

               •CPT 94640 – out-patient induction

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