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Lung Flute® provides physicians with a modality to assist patients clear their lungs from debilitating lung congestion and take more control of your liquid jelly built up” 


—  Sanjay Sethi, MD FACP
Division Chief – Pulmonary/Critical Care/Sleep Medicine - UB School of Medicine

The award-winning FDA-cleared is the only device that uses sound vibration to stimulate the body's natural

mucus-cleaning system


 Nine Reasons why all your family members should use minimum twice daily:

1) Decreases stress, increases calm. Exactly what the doctors ordered in the time of uncertainty. When you become stressed or anxious, your brain releases cortisol, the “stress hormone. 

2) Daily use slows heart rate.  More oxygen enters your blood stream and ultimately communicates with the brain to relax. Lung Deep Cleansing ups your endorphins, the “feel good” chemical.

3) Relieves pain. As stated above, SLB triggers the release of endorphins, which not only helps create a GOOD feeling, but also combats pain.

4) Stimulates the lymphatic system Detoxifies the body. The SLB releases carbon monoxide, which is important to fully release. Actually, Deep Lung Cleansing generates and helps deep breathing which is in charge of 70% of cleansing the body of toxins (the other 30% is through bladder and bowels.) If you do not breathe fully, your body must work overtime to release these toxins.

5) Improves immunity. When your blood is fully oxygenated, it carries and absorbs nutrients and vitamins more efficiently. Essentially, the cleaner the blood, the harder it is for illnesses to stay put in your system.

6) Increases energy. The more oxygen that is in the blood, the better our body functions. It also improves our stamina.

7) Lowers blood pressure. As your muscles relax, this allows your blood vessels to dilate, which improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. Deep LUNG CLEANSING also slows and regulates the heart rate, which also helps with lowering your BP.

8) Improves digestion. The more you do deep lung cleansing, the more healthier blood flow you will produce, which in turn promotes your organs to function more effectively, including your intestines.

9) Daily use Helps support correct posture. Next time you breathe in, notice that you simultaneously lengthen and straighten your spine. In order to take a deep breath in, your lungs take up maximum space, your diaphragm pulls down, so in turn your torso straightens in order for this to be  possible




68 years


Today I went to an appointment with the IMSS Family Dra to the monthly consultation and was surprised listen to my lungs, he told me that almost no phlegm was heard and I told him about the Lung Flute, he liked it and told me to continue with it because there was improvement.






The result is favorable, my breathing is better without so much difficulty.

52 years  

Few months ago I received a Sonic  lungbrush as a gift. I have been smoking almost 20 cigarettes a day for the past 40 years.  Just for curiosity I started using the Lungbrush. I was surprised how it works; little by little I was changing cigarettes for my lungbrush sessions  until in almost 4 months I stopped totally. Today anytime I crave to smoke I use the lungbrush and craving disappears. I am a very happy non-smoking woman and I will not quit my lungbrush. I'm healthier than ever.... 


58 years old 


Lots of ventilation and lung capacity. During the mornings I expectorate a lot of phlegm.

I think it is the result of the exercise I do with Lung Flute, helps me to get what my body must do physiologically.

                              Sound Of The Music & Water


Water – is a key element in the world, without it life itself is impossible. All organisms are composed mostly of water (from 80% to 99%). Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto discovered how sounds affect water’s structure. First of all water can absorb and store sound effects. Using powerful electron microscope, Emoto showed how much frozen water’s structure depends on the sounds absorbed


Next image shows the structure of water after 1 hour praying. Instead of shapeless spot, smooth and beautiful  six-rayed “snowflake” appeared. This transformation takes place because of the correct pronunciation of prayer’s voice; and the sound pressure is equal to the frequency of the magnetic field of the Earth (it is 8 dB).


Overall, the words that people associate with evil, aggression, fear, etc. destruct water. Structures turn it into a chaotic, incomplete and fragmentary crystals. Water charged with “positive” words, in contrast, has a clear, snowflake structure, covered by beautiful patterns.

Here are couple of examples:       

Music, as well words, can also affect water structures. Heavy metal, deathcore, black metal and etc. create water spoils, such as trembling and vibration; whereas Mozart’s music creates smooth crystal clear structures.


Summing everything up, water is able to heal, and at the same time destroy entire cities and civilizations. Events that occur in the world – are the reflection of  charge that we are laying in the information field, formed by water.

John Lennon imagine
Vivaldi four seasons:
According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. Each day humans must consume a certain amount of water to survive. The most important function of the lungs is to take oxygen from the environment and transfer it to the bloodstream.
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